Mullingar Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) has recently applied for regional funding to SEAI for an Energy Master Plan.

The aim of an Energy Master Plan is to allow a community to understand its’ current and future energy needs (in electricity, heat and transport) in order for the community to make informed decisions and prioritise actions.

An energy master plan helps communities to identify opportunities so it can become more energy efficient, use renewable energy, and use smart energy technology.

The domestic energy spend of Mullingar based on 2016 census data is estimated in line with SEAI guidelines below and is nearly € 34 million.

This energy master plan funding is seen by the committee as a first step in delivering the groups mission of delivering a zero-carbon community by 2050.

For more information, please visit our website at:

Census 2016Value
Homes (total)10,021
Homes (non vacant)9,158
Estimate of annual energy spendValue
Average spend for home energy€1,900
Average spend for transport fuel€1,500
Annual spend for homes (non-vacant)€17,400,200
Annual spend for cars€16,332,000
Total annual energy spend€33,732,200
SEC LevelLevel 3
EMP funding€20,000